Ladies’ Club

Welcome to the Ladies Club webpage.

The Tuesday 18 Hole Ladies Club starts in April and finishes in October.  On Tuesday’s we play 18 holes starting between 8:30am and 9:30am.  We have a variety of events we play throughout the year.  For more information please Contact Bev Hoecker at (503) 503-9945.

The Wednesday Niners Ladies Club opening day is usually in April and we finish up in October.  We play nine holes on Wednesday starting at 10:00am.  The goal for us is to provide ladies who are new to the game (or experienced) an opportunity to play golf in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  The events we play are simple but enjoyable.  Newcomers are always welcome so come see us in April and we’ll get you started right! For more information contact Shelly Sundquist 503-887-5467

2023 Officers (18 Hole Ladies)

  • President- Teresa Jett
  • Vice-President-Bev Hoecker
  • Secretary- Sheryl Bundy
  • Treasurer-Ginger Morris
  • Tournament Chairman- Sandi Ikegami

2021 Officers (Niners)

  • President – Nancy Miller
  • Vice President/Membership – Shelly Sundquist
  • Handicap Chair – Kathleen Hinick
  • Treasurer – Tina Allen
  • Day’s Play – Jean Edwards

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